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Initial Contact and Consultation
After you contact us, Blitzen Networks Web Design Team will work with your business to find out what you need to accomplish on the Web. This inital consultation is free of charge. We will help you to refine and develop the best website to meet your goals on the Web. We answer questions regarding search engine registration, how to encourage visitors to browse your entire site, get visitors to return to your website, and many more. After finalizing your proposal and receiving a deposit, we can move on to the next step.
Website Development
We discuss brochures, flyers, and ads, that may appear to your website. We can assist you in refining the message for the Internet. The design team can go through and discuss the layout of the web page that fits your business needs. The appearance of your website is extremely important in creating a professional image. Poor design may hurt a company's professional image. We work closely with you to develop designs that enhance the professional look.
After your content is prepared and your website is designed, we begin programming your web site. These programming may include cgi-scripts, php, and/or java to ensure that your message reaches the largest audience possible. Upon completion of the initial website, it will be uploaded to a temporary location on our server. This will allow you to view the prototype to make sure that everything is to your satisfaction. After receiving your approval of the prototype, we move on to the final step.
Now, your website is ready for business. We begin to create a selection of keywords and descriptions to promote the website on the search engines. Then, we release the page out onto the net for the business to start. The final payment of the website is then due and any monthly hosting, updating, and promotion fees then begin. A service contract may be purchased to suit your business needs.
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